Toni Hough

Toni Hough was born in Perth, WA in 1967, however spent the early years of her life living in Peaceful Bay where her parents and grandparents owned the caravan park. Toni spent many of her formative years living in a small community that enabled a childhood full of freedom and one that developed a connection to nature. The surrounding South-West region is famous for its majestic trees, abundant wildlife and a wild and untamed coastline.

Toni's family moved to Albany when she was six, where she completed her schooling. Her love of nature continued throughout her childhood and she spent many hours observing and capturing wildlife on paper with her drawings. After completing schooling, she travelled extensively throughout Australia and always continued to draw, taking a pencil and sketchbook wherever she went.

As Toni's children are now school age and older, she is able to spend more time revisiting one of her first passions by capturing nature at its best in her drawings.

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