Sian Turner

Sian Turner spent a happy childhood growing up in Perth alongside her four siblings. Being part of a big family meant there was great company to share in imagination games, freedom to roam streets on bikes, and plenty of time to read books in the branches of a Jacaranda tree in the backyard.

Sian discovered she loved writing in Primary School. She thrived on encouragement from teachers, and success in the CBCA Make Your Own Storybook competition. She carried this love through to her first career of Physiotherapy, completing both an Honours degree, and a PhD whilst working on the busy wards of a tertiary hospital. 

Sian and husband James moved to the coastal town of Albany in 2007, where they have delighted raising their three children and tending to three acres of beautiful garden on their property. With this new chapter in her life, Sian has been excited to return to writing fiction-stories which she hopes will inspire and entertain this next generation as great books encouraged her when she was young. 

Beyond Our Garden Gate is her first published story. She looks forward to the release of a second book with Wild Eyed Press in 2017. The NSW Education Department’s School Magazine is also publishing a couple of her pieces later this year. 

You can find out more about Sian by visiting her website at

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