Jen Sherrington

Jen is a children’s author and educator based in Perth, Western Australia. Her life started on a farm where wheat, sheep and a love of books grew. As a child, Jen often turned stories into adventures and adventures into stories with words, pictures and games. Sometimes she avoided homework by scrawling silly letters to friends, scribbling in her diary or having her nose in a novel.

After studying in the city, Jen returned to the wheatbelt to start her teaching career. Romance blossomed and she married a farmer. When Jen became a mum, she began writing children’s stories.

Creative opportunities have cropped up for Jen in classrooms and communities. Over the years, she’s been lucky enough to teach kindy kids, primary students and teens. More writing possibilities sang out when Jen, her husband, two sons and their not-so-well-behaved pets moved to the city. These days she enjoys sharing her love of learning during workshops, presentations and events.

Jen’s favourite things spark writing ideas. Family moments, friendship fun and animal antics sneak into her stories. Inspiration often whirls when she’s chatting with book club, movie group and writing buddies. Craft dabbling, Latin dancing and world exploring also make Jen’s smiles grow.

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