Kate Capewell

Kate grew up in the 1970’s-80’s on the South Coast of Western Australia. Her youth was free, wild, full of colour and the scent of the salty sea air. As a child, she roamed the coastline on extended camping trips with her siblings and widower father; making sandcastles on deserted beaches, and creating “Periwinkle Farms” in the wind-ruffled rock pools.

When the fierce weather blowing up from the Antarctic forced her inside, Kate’s imagination wandered, taking form in scrapbooked illustrations and fantastic tales to accompany them. 

Being an avid reader, and coming from a family of storytellers, Kate dabbled in the usual angst-y teenage poetry and, as she grew older, wrote short humorous pieces for her workmates. The art of writing fiction was not put to paper until many years later. 

In the mid-1990’s, while residing in the seaside town of Dongara on the Batavia Coast, Kate met a professional fisherman and made him her husband. They quickly began their own family, hitting parenthood at a run with the birth of twin boys in 1998, followed by another beautiful son three years later. To get her busy children to sleep at night, Kate told them her personalised versions of bedtime stories and fairy tales.

Armed with first-hand experiences from the customer service and hospitality industries, Kate and her family moved to Mandurah in 2010, where she drafted her first “real” story about an adventurous ladybird the following year. She is currently writing a four-part sci-fi/mystery set in Australia, a nonfiction piece on language, and is waiting for her grandson to be big enough to give her ideas for more children’s tales.

As a firm believer in the present and the brightness of the future, Kate chooses to use the past to move forward, sharing what she has learnt within the magic of stories.

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