Heather Charlton

A long time ago my father found me struggling to begin a primary school art construction project. To encourage a bit of resourcefulness he said: “Make something out of nothing and you will be alright.” 

His words motivated me to find a different way to make things work, and whilst I successfully completed the construction, I did not follow my father’s footsteps into an Engineering career. Instead, I eventually undertook studies in fine art and have since enjoyed a creative journey in both business and pleasure.  

Among various endeavours including raising my family, part of my work life involved running my own floristry business, a commercial art studio and more recently the management of a remote Indigenous Art Centre. 

I enjoy the art-making process. Ideas for projects come from everywhere and I scribble thoughts down quickly. I have written and illustrated several stories for children, have one picture book published and other works are in progress. 

Now, so many years later, my father’s words stay with me and I am still making something out of ‘nothing’ to bring ideas to life. 

And I’m still alright.

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