Heather Charlton

With creative parents, art materials were always on hand in Heather’s family home. In early childhood she was given her own special sketchbook which she proudly filled with coloured pencil drawings of characters copied from magazine and newspaper advertisements. 

With a home garden filled with pets and school holidays spent on her grandfathers farm, Heather’s interest in wildlife was assured. Virgin bush close to the farm was filled with wildlife including an elusive pair of Bower Birds which her grandfather knew where to find. Many happy hours were spent waiting, watching and wandering.

The early urge to scribble followed her through life and led to many artistic adventures along the way, and as a teenager her entry in a Melbourne Youth Exhibition  attracted high commendation and was subsequently shown in Sydney the same year.

Over time and after completing a Diploma in Visual Art,  Heather found herself  travelling with paints and brushes by seaside and in desert, up ladders creating  murals and stage sets, on bare concrete floors  painting rugs and carpets, and of course in a favourite place the bush - “where the wild things are”.

Her interests are varied, and after a course in picture book illustration she was inspired to write and illustrate short stories for children making little books as gifts and since has had one book published.

She enjoys the process of illustration and has completed two books working with the Wild Eyed Press.

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