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Leanne White

Leanne White grew up in the beautiful sea-side town of Albany. A very free range child, Leanne and her brothers roamed the bush or beach for hours. Wildlife encounters (feathered, furred or finned) were part of their common days play.

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Colin Montefiore

Colin was born and raised on a beautiful rural property in Lesmurdie, located on the outskirts of Perth in rugged hill country. Much to his parents' distress he began an art career early, drawing freely and often on the walls of his home as a child, despite their attempts to curb his more wayward artistic tendencies!

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Irene King

Irene King spent a happy childhood living in the South-West of Western Australia on a farm surrounded by animals and nature. She was encouraged by her mother at a very early age to pursue her love of drawing.

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Toni Hough

Toni Hough was born in Perth, WA in 1967, however spent the early years of her life living in Peaceful Bay where her parents and grandparents owned the caravan park. Toni spent many of her formative years living in a small community that enabled a childhood full of freedom and one that developed a connection to nature.

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Barrie Smith

Barrie has always been a doodler and enjoys creating different characters. It wasn’t until his final years of school and the years to follow that he began trying his hand at cartooning.

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Heather Charlton

With creative parents, art materials were always on hand in Heather’s family home. In early childhood she was given her own special sketchbook which she proudly filled with coloured pencil drawings of characters copied from magazine and newspaper advertisements.

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Meg Hewick

A freelance Illustrator from Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, Meg Hewick currently lives with her husband in Western Australia. Meg studied Fine Art at Canterbury School for the Arts in Ottawa, Ontario and graduated onto The Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto.

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Rebecca Cool

Rebecca was born in 1956 in Western Australia, and went on to study at Claremont School of Fine Art and Fremantle Tafe. She has been a full time artist for her entire working life.

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Marion Duke

Marion Duke is an artist with a special interest in book design and illustration. Marion’s passion for books, particularly old books often features strongly in her fine art projects.

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Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan is a Perth based professional artist since 2010. His artwork has always been referred to as bright, colourful, fun, entertaining and uplifting. The opportunity to create art to be enjoyed by all ages and demographics, incorporating connection between of nature and community appeals greatly to the type of art Peter loves to create!  

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