Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan is a Perth based professional artist since 2010. His artwork has always been referred to as bright, colourful, fun, entertaining and uplifting. The opportunity to create art to be enjoyed by all ages and demographics, incorporating connection between of nature and community appeals greatly to the type of art Peter loves to create!

Peter has a strong recognisable style and with the ability to adapt to the level of sophistication required to suit individual projects, he is always looking forward to new and larger opportunities to continue to build his public and personalised art portfolio. With a diverse range of art mediums, Peter has adapted his skills to oil painting, acrylic painting and pencil drawings for fine artworks, children's picture book, corporate projects, ornament bells, rocks, digital artworks and animation and public and private murals.

Many of his recent public art projects have involved the community and utilities, including Water Corp, Shopping centres, City Councils for public murals and the Department of Health for the 'Journey of Wellbeing' animation. Peter has recently been involved with many school art projects adapting kids ideas into murals at Craigie, Mullaloo Heights and Poseidon Primary school.

Selling hundreds of original artworks and thousands of prints over the past 10 years makes Peters work very recognisable to a large audience of art lovers in Perth. Released in June 2020 his first illustrated book 'A Whale of a Day in Botany Bay' written by Sian Turner was published by Wild Eyed Press.


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